2017-09-15 16:39:56 by Yozan


So yeah, I have changed the name. Before I was known as Ohamano but now it's Yozan! It was an easy decision becuase I wasn't attached to the name Ohamano... but yeah, now you know!


Stay strong!

Pokemon Gods Hardful Hardness

2015-03-12 08:42:34 by Yozan

Later today Pokemons Gods 2: Hardful Hardness will be released! Finally... Been working on it for far toooo long.

Somewere around 4PM I will launch it, so stay tuned!



Yuzan (Ohamano)

Coming Soon!

2014-07-20 08:27:54 by Yozan


Soon it's here!! Better hope it will bring more joy than the first one? Stay tuned!

Sweet Baby Jezuz!

2014-07-19 05:06:05 by Yozan

It has been for too long!! Haven't been animating or anything for one month.... I blaim it on the new job! Working at a store called Siba, here in sweden, but FUCK THAT SHIT! I will continue my animations till the end ... and work at the same time .. so it will be slow ^^



Pokemon Gods

2014-06-02 12:05:58 by Yozan


Thanks EVERYONE for liking my latest animation "Pokemon Gods"! We love u!

I'm currently working on the script for the next episode "Pokemon God Hardful Hardness", so if there is something you would like to see more of (or less), just comment or PM me for ideas!



Back on Track!

2014-04-24 16:38:09 by Yozan

What's up gaaaayz!

I'm back to animate 4 real now!! I'm currently working on a parody of ... AH-hA! I don't wanna spoil it to early! In case it all would crash you know... But stay tuned my friends!!


Thanks Everyone!

2014-02-17 17:02:18 by Yozan

I really want to thank everyone on NG who watched my animation and liked it! It made me really happy and gives me the motivation to keep on with "toon animation". Because of you people I will try my best to make them better and entertain you guys! Thanks again, you're awesome.

P.S I'm currently working on the next episode of "Thumper", that will make the plot more clear, AND a short animation of "You look, I look".


Stay awesome guyz!